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Prutha Edwankar


I am Prutha Edwankar Mechatronics undergraduate and a Robotics enthusiast. I have worked on the project of developing Autonomous Mobile Robot for Consumer Application. The project objective was to handle the social problem of domestic help in our country so that talented and educated working wives do not have to quit their jobs for household work. This project was shortlisted as the top 50 ideas for start-up at Atal Incubation Mission Incubation. We also won 1st prize at IETEs, Inter-college project display competition and Indian Engineering Project Competition which is a National Level Project competition. Prior to this project I have participated in several start up competitions like SVKMs Flagship event Chancellors Challenge for the project PIESO- The Harvesting Revolution. The project aims at integrating Solar and Piezoelectricity for energy generation. The project was shortlisted for the semi-final round. I believe empowering people to live their lives better and bringing comfort and ease at routine tasks through technology.

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