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International startup enrichment tour 2019

Founder & VP at BHCG | Curator at TEDxBITSHyderabad

Rahul Panjwani

IIT Hyderabad

Born and brought up in a town you would not want to be in if you don’t like science, yes you are right, I was born in Kota.
Used to be an introvert.
Well college changes people, now my hometown friends and my relatives are always complaining about my loquacious nature because this was not the way i used to be.
I personally find no change in myself after college, its just that JEE made me an introvert and changed my life completely be teaching how to fight challenges alone.
Sindhi by heart and soul, Hard Working, Selfish, Procrastinator and a wannabe sociopath.
I enjoy reading about different things and never complete reading about one specific thing. I switch tabs faster than a little stubborn kid switches TV channels.
Looking for opportunities in Product Management and Management Consultancy.

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