Learning While Travelling (LWT Business Pvt Ltd) organizes educational tours in both India and abroad to create osmosis of knowledge. One of the products being “start-up enrichment tour” where Indian start-up can travel to a foreign country and build network with foreign start-ups for any future collaboration. Startup Registration Fee to attend the whole day conference with lunch and tea on 21st october in Bangkok is 7,000 INR per person. Full package price of the tour is 40,000 INR (which includes flight tickets, visa, accomodation, meals). Contact (Call/WhatsApp) - +91 9748112438 to know more !!


19/10/2018, 22:45 (Indian time)

Report at Kolkata airport

20/10/2018, 01:45 (Indian time)

Kolkata to Bangkok flight by Air Asia (Duration- 2h 30m)

20/10/2018, 05:45 (Thailand time)

Reach Bangkok at DMK Airport, Visa on arrival at the airport, breakfast, half day sight seeing

20/10/2018, 14:00 (Thailand time)

Hotel check-in (Novotel Sukumvit 20)

20/10/2018, 17:00 (Thailand time)

Networking by the pool at the hotel

20/10/2018, 20:00 (Thailand time)

Thai Dinner at local restaurant, Free and easy

21/10/2018, 07:00 (Thailand time)

Breakfast, Hotel check-out, Whole day conference with lunch (9am - 5pm), free and easy

21/10/2018, 21:00 (Thailand time)

Gather at hotel lobby, proceed to DMK airport

22/10/2018, 00:10 (Thailand time)

Bangkok to Kolkata flight by Air Asia

22/10/2018, 01:15 (Indian time)

Reach Kolkata airport

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