The International Start-up enrichment tour is an initiative of "LWT Business Pvt Ltd" wherein startups/entrepreneurs from PAN India would travel together to an International destination and participate in various brainstorming discussions/activities related to start-ups. On top of this, start-ups will get a chance to mingle with international start-ups on this journey.

Our vision is to "Maximize learning while travelling"

We want investors, mentors, startups, startup enthusiasts to participate in this 7-days exciting journey.

Watch Innovfest Unbound 2018.

Full package price breakdown is as follows (in Singapore dollar, $1~52 INR):
1. Hostel Accommodation $299 + GST (mandatory)
2. Two days entrepreneurs conference " Innovfest Unbound" at 7-star hotel Marina Bay Sands $199 (mandatory)
3. Visa & Travel insurance $99 (optional)
4. Cash allowance of $299 for sightseeing & food expense (optional)
5. B-plan contest on plane $199 (optional)
6. Sightseeing competition $49 (optional)
7. Interview Singaporean competition $49 (optional)
8. Flight tickets can be won at various competitions sponsored by LWT or bought on actual pricing $400 approx (optional)

This program is scheduled on 22-29 June 2019, Kolkata-Singapore-Kolkata.

Limited seats !! Registration closes on 10th April 2019

Contact (Call/WhatsApp) - +91 8727084770 to know more !!


Competition on the plane (22 June 2019)

A problem statement will be given in a sealed envelope at Kolkata airport and all registered participants need to make and submit the "Business plan" using pen and paper and submit once they land in Singapore. Best B-plan wins the competition. Cash Prize of 1 lakh will be given to the winner of this contest.

Sightseeing selfie contest (22-26 June 2019)

Registered Participants will be asked to take a selfie at major sightseeing locations. One who covers maximum locations wins the competition. Cash Prize of 1 lakh will be given to the winner of this contest

Interview Singaporeans contest (22-26 June 2019)

Participants will be given a set of questions and they have to interview Singaporeans to find answers. One who interviews the most wins the competition. Cash Prize of 1 lakh will be given to the winner of this contest

Two days Entrepreneurs Conference (27-28 June 2019)

"Innovfest Unbound" is largest conference of South East Asia region and is organised in collaboration with National University of Singapore enterprise (NUS enterprise). The venue is Marina bay Sands a 7 star hotel of Singapore. This is a two day conference on 27-28 June 2019

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