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They say, feel it to achieve it.

NSET stands for "National Startup Enrichment Tour" where students visit neighboring IITs and get exposed to campus facilities and startup culture of the campus. This exposure helps in shifting the mindset of students from a job seeker to a job giver.

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Scholarships are awarded to deserving candidates !!
whatsapp +91-9748112438 to know more !!
Parents/Students/Guardian are welcome. We have total of 100 seats on first come first serve basis.
Registration closes 15 Jan 2020


The Assemble point

Meet LWT representatives on 1st Feb 2020, 5:30 AM at Motilal Nehru Public School (MNPS, Jamshedpur) Gate

The Grand Entry

Reach IIT Kharagpur by 9 AM

Exploration Begins

Meet your IITian mentor and start exploring what the best college in India looks like. Explore Historical Nehru Museum, Academics area, Research centers, Playgrounds, Societies, Pools, Gym, Halls of residence and many more

Lunch Break

Stop a while for a delicious lunch, while chatting to the best brains of the country

Exploration Continues

After a lunch break, we continue to show you the ever inspiring infrastructure and startup culture of the campus while organizing a one to one talk session with students of IIT

Good Bye IIT Kgp, only to come back

At around 5 PM, we wrap up our inspirations and motivations and promise to be back to this beautiful place again to pursue our startup career. Dropping back around 9pm at Motilal Nehru Public School (MNPS, Jamshedpur) Gate

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Our programs include "Student-led college tour", "Start-up enrichment tour" and "Kids enrichment tour"

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Campus Tour Ambassadors (CTA) are the college students who will host the client and give an insider look of their college campus

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Our clients are students and their parents who wish to experience one of our programs

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