Young Entrepreneur Challenges Adversities   Overcoming the many physical challenges associated with Cerebral Palsy, 26 year old Sumit Agarwal rises independent, to stand tall and strong, by opening his own public relations firm. Diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at the tender age of 10 months, it was a challenging task for him to participate in ‘normal’ daily activities and be accepted in society. Despite facing extreme ragging at various stages of his life due to his bodily restrictions, the unending faith and support of his mother helped him to overcome such odds to build his own self-confidence and image. Sumit has been combating his physical disability with exemplary grit and resolve, even after undergoing four major surgeries. He owes, for the fights he has fought and continues to negotiate, to his mother who still stands by him like the proverbial rock of Gibraltar. Sumit has maintained his own with the attitude to pursue higher education and a will to excel, and has grown to flourish in the public relations industry, with the unabashed care and support of his parents and mentors. After completion of his formal education, including a Management Post Graduate, Sumit has made a choice to foray into public relations by setting up his own agency. Infact, this seed of desire grew in him when he came in touch with Public Relations Society of India, Kolkata Chapter. As he said ‘Being in PRSI, I learned that public relations fundamentally deals with the crucial dynamics of deeper connectivity with people across all sections of society. This profession offers an enticing exposure to the unique story of every individual that you come in contact with. It is a vibrant and evolving profession that challenges the practitioners to reinvent themselves in order to raise their bar. It is also about exploring ways to grow, for a life worth living, with the simple things that you have.’ Sumit has also expanded his areas of expertise by specializing himself to manage non-profit organisations through his advisory roles. His out of the box approach has contributed to refashioning some of their business models by introducing corporate culture, and thereby increasing their equity and efficienct. His association with top-notch organisations in various capacities, such as Rotary International, Newspapers Association of India (NAI), Public Relations Society of India (PRSI), International Human Rights Organisation (IHRO), and Rotary Means Business (RMB), among others, has enriched his expertise in various facets of strategic public relations. His experience in media gives him an edge in public relations and his ability to see things differently and put them into a broader perspective helps him to excel in the field of communication. His public relations firm, PR Signal, displays a unique strategic approach towards public relations communication and management. Sumit Agarwal – Inspirational Entrepreneur of Kolkata He is the Founder and CEO of PR Signal He is a motivational speaker He furthers the rights of Persons With Disabilities through his association with various organisations


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