Learning While Travelling is organising an IIT Delhi Mentorship Tour at IIT Delhi from 13th to 16th October. Aim of this mentorship is to motivate the students by giving them a real time experience by observing a typical day of the life of an IIT DELHI student and provide them prospective guidance. Desirable addition of the tour is to be the part of India's biggest cultural fest , RENDEZVOUS 2K18 at IIT Delhi. Registration fee is 750 INR per person but we are offering an early bird discount of 50% i.e., 375 INR. Contact Harshit Agarwal (Call/Whatsapp) - +91 8727084770 to know more.


The Grand Entry

Meet LWT ambassador at the college gate who is your host. The ambassador is a current student of the same college

Discover Mess/Sports/E-Cell and other Infrastructure.

Discover the food of the mess/canteen and enjoy your lunch with the host. Explore the campus like never before, visit the main building of the college, see the sports facilities, know about entrepreneurship cell

Solve Departmental Queries

Mingle with local students from various department, know about their journey, take pictures with them as souvenir and visit their hostel

Make a local friend.

Get to know about different department's courses and opportunities from your host. Listen to a few stories of the host while you walk back to the college gate

Wrap up the experience and be back soon.

By the end of the session, you make a new friend (who is already a present student of the campus) and he/she can help you in settling down if you join the college later

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Our programs include "Student-led college tour", "Start-up enrichment tour" and "Kids enrichment tour"

250+ Ambassadors

Campus Tour Ambassadors (CTA) are the college students who will host the client and give an insider look of their college campus

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Our clients are students and their parents who wish to experience one of our programs

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